Sunday, June 23, 2013

God the Tangible

Last night we prayed for us as were preparing to go to church in the morning. Praying for the girls to have open hearts to what they learn, to be able to understand what they learned and for Daniel and I to be able to share God to our class and use us so our kids could hear from Him and understand what they were hearing.

As I explained to the girls what we would be praying for that night, I talked about who God is, I have done this before but tonight they were much more interested. To make God tangible to a 2 yr old I explained that God created everything, He made the skies, the stars, the moon, the sun, He made them and us and so on. {this was good timing too as their Sunday School class has been talking about creation anyway}

The girls began to point to things and ask if God made it. Their beds, their lovies, our dogs. It was fun. It was also neat to see them start to understand more about God. It was bringing God into a bit more perspective, as well as grasp Him because they could see the things He made.

I told them that God is everywhere and spread my arms out to show them. Rose and Lilly both asked if God was also in the glider that no one happened to be sitting in in their room. I said yes. God is everywhere. Even in the chair.

Rose and Lilly jumped up and ran to the chair, stood on the side of it and said, "Hey God!"

Adorable overload.

They babbled and made conversation with the empty chair.
But to them it wasn't empty.
The creator of heaven and earth was sitting there. To them He was already loving and friendly. He understood their babble. He enjoyed their smiles and their faith. 
Lilly asked to hug God. I said sure! God loves hugs!
They both opened their arms wide and wrapped them close, smiling. They made a friend.

We then prayed and I said we will learn about God tomorrow when we go to church.

We lifted the girls up to lay them in bed and Rose cried that she wanted God.

She ran back to the glider, snatched some air over the chair and then, ran with a clenched fist to her bed and threw her air into her bed, then proclaimed, "There He is!"

It was so funny.

I laid her down and she kept telling me God was next to her. I agreed and kissed her goodnight. Lilly followed in suite and said God was in her bed too.

This morning I picked Rose up out of bed. She wiggled and whined, then reached into her bed, snatched the air and with a clenched fist told me she was taking God with her downstairs.
I laughed and said SURE! I was impressed with her remembering last nights events.

All morning she had a clenched fist, she pretended to pass God into her other hand if she needed to switch hands for something. She also would say, "Oh no! I dropped God!"
I told her she can't drop him but to a two year old who believed she was holding something in her hand, He could be dropped. She would pretend to pick him back up.

We went to church and they got busy with the day.

I was thinking how funny they were, how they saw God in their minds as someone they could carry with them all the time, to be held with a clenched hand, to worry about dropping Him, to worry about making sure He wasn't left in bed.

Oh how much we can learn from a child...
Is it silly? Is it really just a 2 yr olds wild imagination? Just a need to feel He's tangible to go through such extents? To talk to Him in a chair?

Isn't that how we should be?

a : capable of being perceived especially by the sense of touch : palpable
b : substantially real : material
: capable of being precisely identified or realized by the mind 

Related words: 
tactile; corporeal, physical; actual, concrete, embodied, existent, material, real, substantial; appreciable, detectable, discernible (also discernable), noticeable, observable, perceptible, seeable, sensible, visible

Shouldn't God be visible to us? Substantial, real, existent, concrete, actual, physical? 

The more we believe God is everywhere, in our homes, our rooms, beside me as I write, beside you as you read. The more concrete He is, the more detectable, the more seeable.

The more He is of these things, the more we are able to reach out and clench on to Him. To talk to Him. To remember not to leave Him in our beds when we wake up and go on in our days. To simply turn and ask God for help, He is right there after all isn't He? 

To remember not to drop Him. But to hold on to God the tangible.

My daughters & their faith can really give their mother some perspective.

I want to see God in my home, to acknowledge Him always in my house, in my car, in my workplace, in my church, wherever I go. The more I do that the more I'll reach out to Him, talk to him, listen to Him, be accountable. The better our relationship will be.
I want Lillianna & Rosalee to see God this way always. Luckily they already have a head start on me.

The girls got hugs from God last night.
it's not silly.
It's tangible.
He's tangible.

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