Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Messy House

My house from 7am to 12pm and then from 2pm to 7pm looks as if a tiny war of toys erupted in my house. Plastic balls scattered through the living room to kitchen, toy shopping carts parked in odd places, stuffed dolls laid out as fallen comrades, and tiny do-dads of miniature animals and blocks are like land mines if stepped on. Of course there are also books pulled from their home on the shelf, beaten pages, bent ends, and tears. Not to mention the cheerios, puffs, pieces of munched on food that was delicious on the first bite but not worth it's flavor in the end, abandoned on my floors. The leaking sippy cups of milk and juice leave their print on my not so new carpet anymore. Then lastly the left behind diapers I had yet to throw away for the day act for a stink bomb if dared to be open again.

A never ending job, of picking up, wiping up, scrubbing down, putting away and throwing out. Through the day I walk through my house like it's an obstacle course. It can be quite a bit of work to keep up with it. But as I look around at my living room, messy or clean, I see the things my daughters have touched, mouthed, squealed at, laughed at, cried at, sat in, and kissed. I see that I am a mother and I am reminded that this is real. I have two little girls.

I am no super mom when it comes to cleaning my house. I do my best to what I feel is best. If my floors aren't glossed over with cleaning chemicals, or if it's not smelling fresh with the scent of lavender, or if it's not an easy house to walk through without stepping or tripping over something, I don't let it bother me.

My messy house reminds me of my sweet children, that play and love on their toys. I am reminded of the joy in their faces and the blessing I have that I can give these things to them. I am reminded that maybe I'm not the cleanest mom or most hippie mom, but I am a mom of two happy girls.

The delight in their faces for whatever reason is like another gleam of light hitting upon my day.

So if you come over and see food opened and tossed about on my table, the sink full of cups, bowls, spoons and highchair trays, or if it looks like a clown threw up in my living room full of toys, you would understand, it's cause I love my girls.

Live on messy house! And let live.