Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snuggles and Twins

The girls are 9 months old and just keep growing.

It's incredible how not that long ago they were stationary and I had to work so hard to keep them content in their stationary ways. But now they are crawling and climbing and finding their own things to entertain themselves.

I really miss when the girls were first born they were so cuddly. All they wanted was to snuggle into my neck.

I took that time for granted.

It was hard being sleep deprived and starving trying to care for two tiny babies at the same time. I was exhausted and Daniel and I discussed before the girls were born to not sleep while they slept on us. We were just nervous new parents afraid that they might get hurt cause we were out cold. So in order for them to sleep they needed to sleep on us and we couldn't sleep while they were on us we had to wait till they were not on us which meant we never got sleep. We sacrificed our sleep for theirs and the only time I ate was in the evening when people from church brought us food.
So when the girls nuzzled into our chests it was hard to sometimes admire and appreciate their sweetness. It was such a rough first 2 months. And I wish I could go back in time and just cuddle them again and really take in their innocent sleeping faces.

Now here they are at 9 months and these girls hardly ever sleep on us. They might on Daniel. I tell him he must be much more comfortable than me as they fall asleep on him more often that me.

They have begun though to crawl to me, climb me and then rub their faces into my chest and lay there for a moment. It's the new way they show they are tired.

They always do it at the same time though.

So Rosalee may start her way towards me, Lillianna notices and begins her way to me too, then it turns into a race... both babies crawl with dust in their trails and both try to climb me at the same time and both try to snuggle into my chest. It's hard not to laugh. It's super cute and it's like a little competition to get to me first.

I was reading their milestones I get sent in my inbox from baby center. It explained that at this age children may notice other children but wont actually interact with them and will not interact with other children till about 2 yrs old. Basically they will sit and play but not actually care for or play with the other.

I understand that the girls don't and probably wont for a while yet understand the concept of playing and sharing a toy and expressing imaginative stories.

But the whole not interacting thing is just not my girls.

They follow each other everywhere, whatever one climbs the other climbs, if one plays in their pool of balls the other dives in, if one sees the other doing something interesting they are usually there with them in seconds, they get frustrated when one or the other takes what their playing with away and sometimes they express frustration before their sister gets to them knowing they're coming for their toy lol
They crawl up to each other and call out, like for instance today Lilly was laying on her favorite pillow (it's Rose's favorite too) and Rose crawled up to her and sat down in front of her smiled and cooed to her. Lilly poked her head up and cooed back, they smiled and cooed back and forth with secretive baby mumblings and Rose began to crawl away and Lilly began to follow.
We just watched in joy as they discussed what seemed to be a plan of action. They always want to be near each other, they always talk and giggle in their cribs together. Already I see a bond forming that is truly special and unique.

I of course went to check online about mom's experiences with twins and how they interact with one another as compared to other children. Every mother expressed the same thing, beginning at 4 months many twins started to interact with each other in big ways. One mom explained that her two girls were 2 yrs old now and hold hands all the time. My heart melted with the thought of our girls walking hand in hand - oh so cute!

I truly feel blessed having twins. It was SO hard in the beginning and kind of a weird dream to think back to now. It was rough and the hardest thing I had ever done, emotionally, physically, mentally... it was ridiculous. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. But you sow what you reap, I sowed lots of brutal and difficult hours and have reaped plentifully.

I couldn't imagine having just one. I know nothing different. I am so in love and amazed watching these children flourish. I admire their relationship and it's special qualities. I am sooooo happy to have both girls in my life. Twins are a beautiful thing.
I love being their mother and watching them blossom. My sweet beauties.

God truly knew what He was doing to have us wait (impatiently) to have children- I am so glad and happy with His plan.

All I can do now is pray I be the best mama I can be to my baby girls.