Friday, August 26, 2011

8 months, a bite of sweet (& sometimes sour) life.

In Awe::
Twins are so amazing.

They have someone every step of the way in their life. They have a partner in crime, someone to always hug, an ear for their deepest secrets.
They have a best friend created right beside them.

It feels very magical.
& I get to be their mom.

Today my sweet daughters are 8 months old.
So many things have seem to happen already. From helplessness to dependence.

Lilly wants to do it all herself, climb everything, crawl everywhere. Attempt to stand on her own, she seems to think she is unstoppable. Though she has a big personality and is sometimes a handful she loves her mama and daddy.
If she falls she wants a cuddle or a hug. She wants to be where ever we are still and looks for us constantly.
She is in LOVE with her daddy. He stepped out of the room for about a minute and when he walked back in Lilly had a fit to be held by him. As if that 1 minute was 1 year.
I love seeing her love on her papa. She sweetly drifted in to sleep last night in his arms (hasn't slept on us in months!)
She adores him. & daddy adores her.
She unfortunately decided that since she can self feed finger foods to herself that she doesn't want to be fed baby food anymore. I am working on making my own much healthier baby finger foods to attempt to get her nutrition and full.
Her third tooth is now showing a little whens she smiles

Rose is trying her hardest to start crawling and watching Lilly closely. It's amazing that as soon as they start crawling, they learn to sit up from a laying position or any position I guess on their own & they automatically want to climb everything. It's a bundle of new things learned.
Rose is moving across the floor and both girls love to smile and squeal at each other.
She has become VERY fond of baby food and downs it. She questions finger food and other things by poking it. She pokes everything.
I think she is more of a mama's girl. She doesn't need me to hold her but wants me near. Occasionally she wants to just sit in my lap for a little bit then off to play with toys. Daddy is her playmate and so is Gracie. Daniel gets her laughing & gracie only has to walk by her to get Rose to just hoot in laughter.
She has two little teeth with a small gap in between.

My family came into town over the last couple weeks. My two sisters, a husband and a total of 5 children under the age of 5.
It was what I guess the best way to describe it 'a zoo'
I enjoyed our loud crazy moments with all the kids and enjoyed our solitude moments of the just the sisters or cousins & sisters, or I guess just everyone over the age of 13.
It was very different for my girls to be whisked away daily to stay the day at my mom & dad's house to squeeze as much time as i could with my family. I appreciate my daughters allowing me to do this.
Lillianna didn't seem to mind much as long as I was near by and she can climb things. Rosalee on the other hand wasn't to keen with being constantly surrounded.

It's as if for the two weeks they were somewhat separated, or distracted maybe. they acted like it when we were home alone for the day on Monday. They cooed and squealed at each other and seemed to want to be close. Rose watched Lilly with excitement as she crawled like she hadn't notice this ability before then. Rose's determination to crawl seemed to have just appear over night.
I believe she is getting there, and soon I will have two crawling babies roaming the floors and climbing the walls.

I feel like I have learned so much and in less than a year. My girls are teaching me, I am teaching them and we are growing together.
I don't care for people telling me how I should do this or that with them (unless I ask for advice) perhaps its just the way it's given sometimes. Random take it or leave it advice- that's okay, the point of a finger and direct lecturing to- grrrr! Or explaining to me who they are or their actions- as if I didn't know my own children.
& I hate when I am out and about with them and people proclaim it's 'double trouble' or 'double the work'
it's double the investment and double the pay back in smiles.

Peoples just seem to be on one side or the other, either they THING they know it all and proclaim with their bloated head or on the other side they are still learning or know better and share their humble knowledge.
Thanks humbled knowledgeable people!
I am thankful for the fact I have more of the latter people and mostly strangers with bloated heads.

Regardless, I can complain all I want, these people aren't going anywhere. All I know is, I am their mother, God chose me to be their mother so guess what? I am God's top pick for these kids so anything you have to say against what I do as a mother, your saying it against God. There is no better mama than me for these gems.

Back to my girls::
Lilly has gone on strike. No baby food. She occasionally takes yogurt but besides that she wants only mum-mums, cheerios and puffs. Only things she can do herself. Little miss independent.
SOOOO I am on a mission, to make and bake as much as I can healthy finger foods that she will like. Then she can feed herself all day long. I tried these banana applesauce muffins. She likes to mush it up in her hands, take a few bites but I'm hoping it grows on her. Next up is broccoli cheese nuggets. I think I might eat them myself.
Hoping she takes to it.
Rose on the other hand is opposite. Loves the baby food, is taking to it great. Does NOT like to self feed except if it's big enough- no cheerios or puffs- she pokes them all the day long. Mum-mum and crackers she can handle... sorta.
She doesn't really like touching things... it's cute and funny. But my muffins... she squeezes the mess out of them too. Tastes it here and there but the feel of it is more appealing than the taste right now I guess.
Thankful though she takes food like a champ.

Life is good. I have a fantastic husband & father to the girls and I have two amazing children.
I really feel blessed that I got two at the same time.
YES it's work & YES it's been hard here and there... but again I am getting a hefty payback. Smiles, laughs, cuddles, watching them each day grow and learn something new, seeing the world as something new and receiving love love love.

I enjoy every moment, I enjoy learning. I love being a mom and learning how to best mother these girls with their very different personalities and needs. I enjoy sharing my knowledge if asked. I am no perfect woman, wife or mother. But I do have the perfect Mentor to be these things. I pray God keeps teaching me to be everything this family needs me to be.

The End:::