Saturday, June 4, 2011

5 months

IIIII can't believe how blessed I am!

My baby girls are so amazing, beautiful and now 5 months old.

As Daniel and I were putting them to bed we kind of back tracked a little. 5 months ago was the beginning of the hardest thing I'd ever do in my life and do for the rest of my life. Not that long ago they were so much more helpless, bundled into balls sleeping on my chest. They are diamonds, precious rubies, gorgeous gem stones.

I was putting pictures in frames (now that I feel like I have more time) and held their tiny footprint that the hospital took when they were born and I placed them in a frame with their very first picture, wrinkly, confused, wet beautiful babies. They look so much older now.
I also cleaned out their clothes and began to separate what still fits, what doesn't fit and pulled out things they will fit in soon. I was pulling out 6-9 month clothes to begin using! How in the world did this happen? I then realized I was clinging onto their 0-3 mo & 3 mo clothing. In my mind they are still 3 months. It took them 3 months to finally fit into their newborn and actually outgrow their nb clothes that when i finally got to 0-3 I figured it would talk just as long. But they outgrew that stage much quicker than I anticipated my mind is still in 3 month mode. It occurred to me today as I cleaned out their 'doesn't fit' stuff that 0-3 doesn't fit because they are 5 months old! What the?!
THEN we have a pack n' play that sits in our living room, the girls slept in that for their first month of life and well into the second month. We still use it for the changing table and ended up using it just to keep extra clothing, blankets and such. We decided to move the changing table in their room into the living room instead as we change them down here only anyway. So we put the pack n' play away. EVEN MORE BITTERSWEET!!! BOO HOO I wanted to cry!!

Life is so different, I use to think I had hardly any time and I was so wrong. Now I wonder what I did with all that spare time & if I have time I sometimes feel clueless with what to do with it.
But it's amazing how two little tiny people can make such a beautiful impact into a life.

Their personalities have sprung into different directions, they have surprised me as I thought Rose would be my out there loud and proud baby and Lilly would be my timid quiet baby. It was this way at first but it has truly switched.

Lilly has found her voice and what I call a 'mean yell' she expresses when she is frustrated like when she tries to 'eat' my face and actually can't. She opens up in crowds cooing and she is extremely observant, staring people down. She smiles all the time, a 'side smile' and quickly nibbles on her fists and fingers. She loves to bounce in her jump-a-roo and eat the chair while in it. She needs constant attention to be happy, she rolled belly to back first and is very good with her hands. She grabs anything she can & always wants the next best thing. She's sort of my diva hahaha.

Rose smiled and laughed first, she is easy to entertain. She laughs at about anything, like she has a laughing spell and the ceiling fan makes her hoot in laughter. She shuts down in crowds as she rather be in a small group. She enjoys attention for a bit but will fuss to just be left alone, she talks to herself for a while in her crib when she wakes up, every time. She likes to try and sing a long with me. She discovered if she is bounced or even patted to be burped, if she makes a long enough tone it sounds funny during the bounce and burping. She was first to roll from back to belly and she holds the upper half of her body up with arms and hands facing in like a little bull dog- so cute.

They both enjoy their bath time and wiggle insanely when they see their bottle. They both stop whatever their doing, crying or fussing as soon as they hear The Backyardigans theme song. They grab for each other in curiosity and for attempting to eat the other (Lilly) they lock hands often and smile at each other with a sense of a bond.

I love my little girls. I am incredibly proud to show them off and let the world know these are my girls.
Beautiful and different, stunning.

I could talk about them for hours. They look like what I would imagine angels to look like in a sense of beauty and perfection.

I have TWO babies, TWO. That still boggles my mind. Raising two at the same time, with different wants, needs, and personalities. It's the most wonderful job I've ever had.

Motherhood is magical and enchanting. It is overwhelming and hard. It is sweet and pure.
It's something I'm all together still learning and figuring out and I'm okay with that <3